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"Toxic Slurry" to
Clean Water In
Real Time!

What would it mean to a concrete producer to have a ZERO water discharge operation?

Imagine recycling process water in REAL TIME!

The purification system developed by

Hydro-Innovations enables ready-mix concrete producers and other concrete manufacturers to eliminate wasted time and costs associated with process water

How does it work?

Treat process water in real time to create

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*courtesy of our distributorHydro-Carbonic Purification

Process water travels through our hydro-carbonic purifier to be treated with CO2, a patent pending reactor, a series of three carbon-based filters, and a UV treatment that greatly reduces nitrates, sediments, and bacteria.

The pH of the process water is neutralized after treatment from the system and is considered potable recycled water that meets ASTM C1602/1602M-18 Standard Specification for Mixing Water Used in the Production of Hydraulic Cement Concrete.

Process water is converted to clean, usable water in real time at a rate up to 86 gallons per minute.

The hydro carobonic system is contained in an insulated format for year-round operation.

A zero water discharge concrete manufacturing facility can be achieved.


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